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HUGE FAIL – Motorcycle Running From The Cops Crashes Into Curb

If you’re going to do something illegal and blatantly disrespectful, you should probably at least not be antsy enough to screw up your getaway. I mean, after all this guy is on one of the most maneuverable vehicles on the road.

After plastering an “I don’t stop for cops” sticker on the side of police officers patrol car, the biker then runs for it, booking as fast as he can away from the scene of the crime. The cop is in immediate pursuit as should be expected when the rebellious biker hits a curb, falls to the ground and makes a fool out of himself.

When he gets back up to take off again, the cop is right behind him with lights blazing. With nothing else to do, the biker fruitlessly tries to grab on the back of other bikes as to be towed away on his bike. When he realizes this simply isn’t going to work he hops on another bike and takes off, leaving his bike behind.

We’re going to have to assume that the bike was stolen or he made one big mistake by leaving behind something with his name all over it. We weren’t aware that people were still capable of acting this stupid.

Check out the video below and let us know what you take from this situation.