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Huge Fire on the Big End Swallows Mustang in Flames

During the course of a drag race, there is a lot going on. Sure, in a race like the eighth-mile pictured in this video, it only lasts for less than five seconds. The drivers rocket to insane speeds during that time but it doesn’t last very long. However, within that span, just about anything can happen. Over the years, we have watched cars go flying, rolling over, and even catching on fire in less than an eighth-mile.

None of the above are situations that we ever want to see happen to anybody. However, it’s pretty much unavoidable as freak accidents and human error alike can take over on the drag strip. These sorts of incidents can be anything from a defective part all the way to forgetting to tighten down a single bolt.

This time, we can’t say what the cause of the incident was for sure. However, it was quite the scary scene as Brandon Mills would take his Ford Mustang down the track at Woostock. Toward the big end of the track, we notice a flame emerge. It’s pretty terrifying how quickly that small flame would grow to engulf the entire car.

Luckily, Mills was able to get out of the situation in a hurry. Following the incident, we learned that he was okay. However, the car is probably going to need a little bit of attention. In fact, we wouldn’t be shocked if Mills had to start over with a wide variety of systems, if not the whole thing.

By following along with the video below, we see that the guys from The Racing Vids manage to catch the entire thing on video. This ladies and gentlemen, really shows us why it’s very important to have all of that safety equipment in place. It’s almost beaten into our heads at this point but there’s a very good reason why safety is so commonly talked about.


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