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Human Sound Effects! Cummins Diesel Duramax, Powerstroke, By Kody Steele

There are some vehicles that, when you stumble upon them, they really have a unique sound. If you’re engrossed deeply enough in the car community, sometimes, you can begin to pick up on the sounds of certain cars without even looking. Before long, when you hear something with a distinct sound like a Ford Mustang or Subaru with a Boxster engine accelerating off in the distance, you’ll be able to pick the sound out of thin air, probably leaving your friends in awe when the car later rips by and you picked out the make and model perfectly.

Diesel trucks are definitely one world where this kind of unique sound exists. To the untrained ear, you might not notice the difference between Ford and Chevy or even the more nuanced distinction between different generations of the same engine family, however, if you’ve been hanging around the community long enough, you’ll quickly begin to learn exactly what each of these vehicles sounds like as it spits out a unique exhaust note. In this one, we get to join in with somebody who has that keen ear and not only is able to understand what each of these vehicles sounds like but is able to replicate them with his own two lips.

If you follow along down below, you get the display from an individual that goes by the name of Kody Steele as he gives us the human sound effects behind a Cummins diesel, Duramax diesel, and the Powerstroke diesel. All three certainly have their very own twist on them as they might sound a little bit more mechanical or possibly have a little bit more turbo whistle and we will leave it up to you decide if this guy actually did a good job of replicating the sounds or not. From us, he gets two thumbs up!


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