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Hummer H2 Rims Get Repossessed

We’re not going to judge because we know that it isn’t hard to get caught up in a tight spot where you just don’t have money, but this is too much!

We join in as the owner of this Hummer seems to have neglected to pay the bill on his wheels and don’t be mistaken, the people who own them are coming to get their property back!

In this one, we watch as the repossession team hits the SUV to get back the wheels in a situation that’s probably the epitome of awkward for all parties involved as the Hummer driver gets blocked in and still tries to make a run for it! Come on man, if you didn’t pay for the wheels just own up to it!

Check out the video below that shows the situation as it unfolds. If you thought that your week was taking a bad turn, just imagine how this guy feels.