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Hummer Tackles Snow Like a Boss!

If you have an area that gets heavy amounts of snow, you know how to tough it can be to navigate through it sometimes. If you get a couple of feet dumped on you all at the same time, you may be stuck indoors for a little while until the plow trucks come around to clear off your street and allow you to get back to civilization once again. However, if your vehicle is tough enough to be able to handle it, sometimes, people might put it to use and trudge way straight through the snow, not letting mother nature stop them from getting to where they need to be.

This time, we check out a situation where a Hummer H2 tackles the snow like a complete boss. Just when you thought that several feet would be good enough to stop just about any vehicle, the person behind the wheel of the Hummer throws it in 4×4 and plows their way straight through all of that icy whiteness. It’s pretty amazing to watch as the driver lays into the throttle, pushing the Hummer beyond where it normally would go, really flexing its muscles as it shows us that there isn’t much, within reason, that would be able to halt this monster.

Follow along below as the snowy street shows us that it’s absolutely no match for the General Motors 4×4 beast. This SUV is probably where you want to be if you end up having to go up against conditions that seem to be the least desirable in terms of how one might have to travel. When watching a video like this, it almost makes you want to go out and purchase a Hummer like this for yourself so that you’ll be able to rise up above the elements and conquer!


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