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Hydraulic UTV Deck Takes the Guess Work Out of Loading

As you’ll find, if you play with any sort of motorsports related toys, the hardest part might not be purchasing the vehicle or even finding the space to use it, but instead, can reside in being able to transport it around because believe it or not, taking any sort of quad or UTV to a place where you can use it can turn out to be a pretty stressful experience that needs a little bit of manpower and sometimes also the trailer to match and just the right person to drive such vehicle on the trailer or in the bed of the truck. Sometimes, when trying to load up an ATV or side-by-side in your truck, well, let’s just say that things can get a little bit scary as you drive a vehicle up the ramps.

This time, we check out a contraption that promises to be about the ultimate UTV hauling behemoth that uses convenient hydraulics to lift your machine up off the ground and gently place it in the back of your truck without all that much hassle or guesswork left to be done. At the end of the day, guesswork is a good way to really get you in trouble because one small move in the wrong direction could have you end up paying big time as dropping your expensive machinery could result in an equally expensive fix and maybe even bodily injury.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to check out, in detail, the ultimate hydraulic UTV lift that will help you to use your full-size pickup to become the ultimate tow rig, even without the extra expense of a trailer or the potential expense of having to drop your machine out of the back of the truck. After following along with a demonstration that shows off a rig like this, be sure to give us your thoughts on what exactly you think of a hydraulic beast like this that could make your job as easy as the push of a button.

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