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Hydro’s on a Honda Accord? This is ridiculous!

Well… sometimes there just are no words… but we’re going to try. There’s not a lot of context with this video, but it probably wouldn’t help answer the questions we have anyway. This Honda Accord is rocking some ridiculous hydraulics on the rear end. While there doesn’t seem to be any practical use for six feet of fluid-powered suspension travel, nobody ever said there had to be a reason to do something crazy.

It appears the Accord’s owner is having some minor technical difficulties with his outrageous lift system, and that may be what prompted the videographer to start shooting. With several onlookers watching intently, the Honda driver walks to the rear of his sedan and gives the extended rear end a few kicks before returning to the drivers compartment to see if it his solution worked. It seems all that was needed was a little persuasion as the rear of the car drops into place following the attitude adjustment, allowing the driver to exit the scene in his modified grocery hauler.

If anybody out there knows this guy or his car, we would love to know the reason behind the insane amount of travel built into this suspension, if only to find out that it was, indeed, just because he wanted to!

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