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I-95 Nightmare, Blazing Truck Leads To An Extended Closure

Fuel Truck Fire Causes Highway Closure

A fiery crash on Interstate 95 in Norwalk, Connecticut has caused the closure of the highway in both directions, leading to chaos for commuters and significant traffic disruptions. The incident, which occurred Thursday morning, involved a fuel truck that crashed and burst into flames, leaving behind charred wreckage and a hazardous situation for emergency responders.

Widespread Traffic Disruptions

The aftermath of the crash saw the closure of I-95 between Exits 15 and 16 South, with northbound lane closures extending to Exit 14 in Darien. Governor Ned Lamont described the traffic jams as “horrendous” and urged drivers to avoid the area if possible. Officials issued text alerts advising drivers to avoid I-95, while instructing trucking companies to take alternative routes.

Although no serious injuries were reported, the crash caused extensive damage to vehicles and raised overpass safety concerns Scott Hill, chief engineer for Connecticut’s Department of Transportation, confirmed that the overpass sustained damage but assured the public that it was stable and safe, albeit temporarily closed for further assessment.

Hazmat Response and Cleanup Efforts

Hazmat crews rushed to contain the spill of 8,500 gallons of fuel from the tanker, amid environmental contamination concerns. The closure of I-95 is expected to last for an “extended period,” according to Governor Lamont, as authorities work to investigate the crash, clean up the fuel spill, and ensure the safety of the overpass before reopening the highway to traffic.

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the risks associated with transportation infrastructure and the importance of swift and coordinated emergency responses to mitigate the impact of accidents on public safety and the environment. As commuters and residents grapple with the fallout from the closure, authorities continue to work diligently to resolve the situation and restore normalcy to the affected area. Photo credit – WFSBnews / Matthew McDermott