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The Best Freestyle Monster Jam Run Ever?

The Best Freestyle Monster Jam Run Ever?

When it comes to the folks behind the wheel of the monster trucks at Monster Jam, they really know how to put on a show. These drivers aren’t just piloting massive trucks. The plot twist is that a lot of them look like they absolutely defy gravity. No matter how big or heavy some of these things are, they’re thrown around and it looks almost effortless sometimes. We know that it’s something that requires endless practice, though. There are definitely situations where we wonder exactly how the driver learned to do what they just pulled off. It’s like real-world physics are thrown out the window. These are the situations that keep on bringing the fans back and leave jaws on the floor.

This time, though, we catch up with a freestyle that might just be one of our favorite Monster Jam runs to date. We might even say that this one is hot on the heels of the backflip that we saw from Grave Digger. However, with Ryan Anderson behind the wheel of Son-Uva Digger, we see more madness unfold. In this run, we witnessed all sorts of different contortions that get crazier and crazier by the move. From balancing on two wheels to rolling over and seeming to not skip a beat before popping back up and continuing on, this display just keeps on getting more unhinged as it goes on. There’s no telling where something like this is going to end up! Just when we thought we saw it all, something will pop out of left field and really throw some shock factor in the mix.

By following along below, we get a ride along with this display for ourselves. Seeing is truly believing. We aren’t sure that even after seeing this one that most people are going to believe their eyes, though! The adrenaline can’t be stopped!