If One of These 10 Hot Wheels is in Your Closet, You Might be Rich

The Hot Wheels brand brings such a big name to the table. Toy cars have made such an ...

The Hot Wheels brand brings such a big name to the table. Toy cars have made such an impact in pop culture that basically everyone knows what they are! We would probably argue that in some way, shape, or form, the brand has reached out and touched just about everybody in one way or another. Whether you remember these things fondly from playing with them as a kid or have one sitting on your desk at work, it’s no secret that the brand is one of the biggest to ever exist.

There are so many different Hot Wheels creations to get lost in. However, only a select few can become the rarest to ever exist. For those who have possession of these rare Hot Wheels, let’s just say that they can end up bringing in quite a fortune.

This time, thanks to Gemr, we take a ride through 10 of the rarest Hot Wheels vehicles to ever be created. Most of these unique cars are due to some sort of error in production or slight mistakes that could make them very unique. In fact, some of these toys are one of just a couple or perhaps maybe even one of one known to exist.

Down below, we check in with 10 of the Hot Wheels that you’re going to want to go looking through that closet for. Should one of these come up in your search, perhaps heading to eBay might be a good option.

Some of these mini machines might even be worth over $100,000. Just imagine having one of these in your childhood car collection, only to be able to find that you’re sitting on an absolute gold mine! Pay close attention, though, because the diecast car has to be the exact right car with the right features and even in the right color to be worth the big bucks.

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