If We Can’t Pick One Giveaway Car, Why Not Offer Two!? (Beyond the Build S2:E1)

Here at Speed Society, we do eat, sleep, and breathe the automotive community but ...

Here at Speed Society, we do eat, sleep, and breathe the automotive community but beyond that, we would definitely consider ourselves to be a multi-faceted brand. On one side, you can expect content delivery that showcases the latest and greatest in the automotive industry as hard-hitting stories are delivered to your newsfeed and on the other, we have all sorts of fun that we get involved in that might just be a blast to watch whether that comes in supporting Speed Society’s NHRA driver, Alex Laughlin, or just having a blast while working hard to make dreams come true in our HQ. Finally, you can expect a car or… two, in this case, to be given away alongside $50,000 dollars in cash, a venture that is certainly exciting to be a part of, especially when you get to see the look on the winner’s face when they recognize that they get their choice of a couple of awesome prizes.

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This time, in the “Beyond the Build” series, we’re digging into season two as it gets started with a bang. If you haven’t caught up with season one, to catch you up to speed, what we’re presenting to you here is the process behind everything that goes into an average day here at Speed Society while focusing on how these insane rides that we give away come together. We definitely use the term “average” loosely because what we strive for is anything but.

Whether it’s molding our website to try to continue to be the industry leader, figuring out what kind of awesome machine is going to be involved in the next giveaway, or laying down a baseline on one of the giveaway cars on our in-house dyno, you never really know quite what to expect here at Speed Society headquarters.

If you catch up with the series, though, you’ll be able to get an up close and personal view of how all of this magic is made possible along with all of the people who are involved in following through with such efforts. If we were you, we’d recommend strapping in and getting ready because,┬áin addition to all the action, you’re about to see the choice of cars that one lucky winner will soon be able to pick from alongside the $50,000 option that would also make for a pretty awesome day!

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