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Own This Tool From Harbor Freight? You Might Be in For a Surprise! $100 Million Recall

If you’re looking for tools at a discount, a store like Harbor Freight might be your own personal version of heaven as their prices are incredibly difficult to beat.

While there’s a constant argument going on between tool enthusiasts about if the brand offers up a selection that is worthwhile or not, many choose the shop there and pick up tools at a discounted price. Personally, I think most will agree that it’s just a matter of pick and choose, trying to find the best deals in the store without picking up the pieces that aren’t going to last you very long.

As it turns out, recently, we saw a release of a product that has harbor freight dealing with a little bit of a situation that they’re going to want to get out of the way as fast as possible to get back to business as usual. Recently, we learned that a wide variety of chainsaws, over 1 million units to be exact, are being recalled and taken off the shelves at Harbor Freight stores across the country.

On varieties marked “Portland (Model 67255 or 61592), One Stop Gardens (Model 67255 or 61592), and Chicago Electric (Model 67255 or 61592)” among the 14-inch electric chainsaws, there has reportedly been an issue with the power switch, allowing the saw to stay on after the switch is turned off. You could see how this would give rise to quite the hazardous situation.

If you have happened to purchase one of these chainsaws and are looking to remedy the situation, taking it back to the store for replacement is how Harbor Freight is making things right again. This is something that we would definitely recommend looking into if you should just so happen to own one of these machines.

While some recalls might be minor and easy to overlook, this is definitely one that your personal safety depends on and we would have remedied as fast as possible.

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