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Images of Durango Hellcat Seem to Have Leaked Ahead of Official Release

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on July 2, 2020

Images of Durango Hellcat Seem to Have Leaked Ahead of Official Release

As this article is being written, the official release for the 2021 SRT lineup is supposed to be tomorrow. In a teaser, Dodge promised that it would be showing off over 800 horsepower. Among the releases, we speculated that most of them would likely be updates to existing models. However, most people seem to be leaning toward one new model that is really stirring the pot.

This model, of course, it is speculated to be the 2021 Dodge Durango powered by a Hellcat powerplant. While it still isn’t officially the time for the release, it does look like a couple of images of the SUV might have leaked their way out ahead of time. Currently circulating over on Facebook, a post shows the images of the Durango that appeared to be a part of a press package sent out to promote the powerhouse

There isn’t much official information on the SUV just yet. However, using the contex that we have available, we can probably assume that it will fall right in line with the other 707 horsepower Hellcat offerings. Beyond that, it’s difficult to really pick up much from the images.

The post is accompanied by information that we would probably take with a grain of salt at this point. In the post, Facebook user, Ben Snow, claims that the truck will see an 11.5-second quarter mile.

2021 Durango Hellcat is finally out of the bag-NHRA certified 11.5sec 1/4 [email protected] Mike Alford @ mopar_nation

Posted by Ben Snow on Wednesday, July 1, 2020

For a heavyweight like the Durango, that’s certainly an impressive number. It certainly isn’t too far-fetched to think that the SUV could manage to pull that off, either. We’re going to have to wait for the official unveiling to confirm the full details on the vehicle, though.

Stay tuned to Speed Society for the official news about the release when it comes to life tomorrow. Which member of the 2021 SRT lineup are you most excited to see drop tomorrow?


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