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Imagine Hitting a Dip at 145MPH On A Bike… Isle Of Man TT

For many, including yours truly, the thought of going to insane speeds on two wheels might be a little bit scary. For most people, you look at those competing in a race like the Isle of Man TT and think about just how crazy some of those guys are as they rip around the track at insane speeds, pushing not only themselves to go faster but also to do so in the midst of a whole group of other riders who are also trying to go faster, battling for position as they all are looking for that number one spot and will stop at nothing to get there.

Just when you thought that maybe you brought yourself to be comfortable with how fast these guys are going around all of those turns, a section of the race track pops up in some footage that will absolutely put you on edge. As if closing in on 150 mph isn’t enough, the section of track provides a little bit of a dip that causes the bikes to go airborne momentarily. Now, it isn’t all that high off of the ground that the bites travel but when you consider the fact that they’re doing it at such insane speeds, it really has to be enough to make your heart drop into your stomach. You can even see the bikes wobbling a little bit of they come out on the other side, in some cases.

If you want to watch a display with people who have nerves of absolute steel, you could check it out down in the video below. We have to warn you, though, because this one might just cause a little bit of adrenaline to get rushing through your system. We couldn’t even imagine being on a bike going that fast then hitting some unexpected air.