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Imagine Seeing This Massive Train Rolling Down The Freeway…

If you were strolling down the freeway and suddenly saw an old-school locomotive barreling down on your trail, you’d probably jump out of your skin, hoping that your eyes are deceiving you and there isn’t actually a massive train bearing down on you and looking to flatten you into a pancake.

With this freeway, an illusion just like that is present and if it’s your first time seeing it, it could be something that might confuse and disorient you a bit as the train tracks set adjacent to the road make it look almost like that’s the case as trains run right next to traffic giving those who are ready for the monstrous machines a rare treat. It’s incredibly neat to be able to get up that close and personal with a train as it’s in motion. It’s definitely not every day that you get to see one of these things working while you’re rolling alongside of it.

In addition, the steam-powered train really gives us a look into a time when things were designed and put together by hand without the assistance of computer technology and really made a simple yet effective design that was impactful at doing the one job that it was designed to do. Don’t get us wrong, computer efficiency is great but there’s something about this that’s just so cool as it almost brings the past to life.

Check out the train chugging along from a variety of angles in the video below and tell us what you think of this throwback hitting the tracks. It looks like the uploader really went out of their way here to provide the best possible view of this train so that anybody watching the video would be able to appreciate all of the simplicity that it has to offer.


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