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Impaired Driver Crashes into Louisiana State Trooper

Driving under the influence of anything that will delay or alter your reactions is a bad idea any way that you shape it. If you’re going to get out of your mind on some kind of substance, at least have the decency to not hop behind the wheel of a vehicle and go out for a spin to put others in danger as well.

This time, we check out the driver of an older Dodge Ram who is hurling his way down the highway and clearly has no business being behind the wheel of anything. However, that wouldn’t stop them from trying to get to wherever it was that he thought he needed to go.

A plot twist to the story would make sure that the driver most certainly didn’t end up getting to his destination as some concerned motorists traveling behind the truck dialed up 9-1-1 and before we know it, a Louisiana state trooper would be perched on the side of the road with the attempt of intercepting the impaired motorist.

In a turn of events that nobody would have expected, the man rammed straight into the back of the Chevrolet Tahoe patrol vehicle and do some big-time damage. Via the person driving the car behind and filming, it was reported that the driver was under the influence of heroin at the time of the accident.