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In Car Footage Of a Ferrari F40 LM Getting Pushed To Its Limits Is Pure Automotive Utopia

Although it was last produced more than 15 years ago, the Ferrari F40 LM is still a badass ride. Although it may have gotten a little long in the tooth as far as technology goes, the sound and overall driving experience more than make up for the lack of tech gadgets and creature comforts. The legendary F40 will always have a spot in Ferrari lore as one of the automakers most beloved creations and has managed to join the rare appreciation club, having seen the value of the car skyrocket to several times the car’s sale price when it was driven off the showroom floor back in the early 90’s.

Although completely legal and capable of being driven on the road, everybody knew the F40 was basically a racecar in street car clothing, a genuine badass on the track that could hold its own still today alongside some of the higher end sports cars available now.

As you can see, in the capable hands of this driver, who’s name I hate not knowing, the car is insanely fast around the track, gripping the curves like the most legitimate of race cars and powering through the straights like a rocketship.

One thing that is universally loved about the F40 is it’s borderline sexual exhaust note. There are very few cars, street legal or not, that sound as good as this one, and hearing it rip through the gears as the driver manhandles it around this course is quite literally music to the ears of pretty much any car guy on the planet. If you can name a car that sounds definitively better than this, I’d love to hear it because I can’t imagine it myself.

Just sit back and crank up the volume and just enjoy the show. The video below is two minutes and twenty-seven seconds of pure automotive bliss, and there are few better ways to enjoy it – other than being there to witness it in person – than with the video in full screen and the volume cranked to eleven!

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