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Incredible 5-Axis CNC Machine Turns Block of Metal into a Helmet

When you dive into the world of machining, the equipment involved can really carry out some impressive processes. While it isn’t apparently obvious to the less trained eye just how impressive one of these machines is in a typical setting, this time, we check out a scenario that puts a 5-axis CNC machine to the test and just about anyone could appreciate the finished product.

When we get rolling, the machine is starting out with nothing more than a solid block of metal. There’s absolutely nothing special about it, but once the plans are plugged into the software, the machine gets to churning away and eventually, the finished product starts to come into view.

With every second that rolls by, the machine carves away a little bit more metal to leave behind a finished product that is nothing short of amazing as after all of the shavings fall, we’re able to see the beautiful metal helmet that the machine has processed.

Check out the video below that shows you the start to finish that brings the awesomeness of a machine like this into focus. Watching the machine carve through the block with such power and precision really captivates the attention. Just imagine how it applies that kind of precision to the parts inside of your engine.