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Incredible Toy Car “Barn Finds” Bring the Big Bucks From Garage Sales & Flea Markets

Incredible Toy Car "Barn Finds" From Rummage, Garage & Estate Sales

In the scheme of collecting old cars, perhaps, the barn find is one of the more exciting ways to get into the hobby. One can just be exploring some old junk when suddenly, they’ll find a vehicle that has great historical value and sometimes great monetary value. It’s quite an exciting endeavor. The concept that nobody can ever really know what lies behind certain doors, just waiting to be found, is incredibly exciting. When stumbling into these seemingly forgotten classic cars, that history comes pouring out, allowing the treasure hunter to be exposed to some pretty amazing machines.

However, the vehicle doesn’t necessarily need to be full size in order to classify itself under the “barn find” category. Now, collecting diecast cars is certainly a different hobby than collecting full-scale cars. However, we think that most people would be pretty amazed at the value that some of these things hold. In the grand scheme of things, we think that this is just as viable of a treasure hunt as searching for a full-size vehicle. One never knows exactly what they’re going to get and with a little bit of knowledge, there’s a decent amount of money on the table to be had here.

In the video down below, we take the opportunity to explore a couple of diecast car “barn finds.” Some of these cars are pretty common but others, we have found, can be worth hundreds of dollars, if not more. The fun part about this is that the ideal collectible candidate could be found at flea markets and rummage sales or just about anywhere where old junk is sold. Who knows when something like this is even going to pop up at a garage sale? Perhaps an investment of less than a dollar can be turned into a small fortune!