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Incredible Tree Cutting Machine | New Age Loggers

Incredible Tree Cutting Machine | New Age Loggers

In this day and age, technology is all about pushing away from doing manual labor and towards an age where we can be much more efficient as to get way more accomplished… or finish work early and sit around on the couch.

In either situation, we’ve stumbled across a machine that does nothing short of blow our minds. We’re no professional lumberjacks or anything, but we think that this is pretty astonishing.

All in one fluid movement, this monster rips down trees, shreds them of all of the non-lumber parts, and stacks them in a pile, faster than you can say “two-by-four.”

Check out the video below and tell us if it’s as mind blowing for you like it is for us. Like we said, we’re no professionals, but we pictured this process being a lot more labor intensive!


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