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Insane Australian Stuntman Throws Down A Backflip Over An Airplane Flying By

When you throw down on a motorcycle, there are a lot of ways to hone your craft. Some people will casually ride but others will take it all the way to the edge, pushing themselves to a place where not many others are able to go. When these individuals who consider themselves to be the biggest daredevils of them all really put their abilities to the test and combine them with a little bit of imagination, what comes out on the other end can be a spectacle to watch and might just have your jaw glued to the ground as you can’t believe what just happened in front of your eyes.

This time, we check out a rider that is surely talented but we aren’t sure if his talent is able to outweigh his craziness or ambition to put on the ultimate stunt display. This display that you see the stuntman throwing down in is one that certainly has a very low margin for error. This danger that comes to life is definitely a big part of what makes this one so fun to watch. One slight slip up from anybody involved here and it could end up being a really bad day. However, that wasn’t the case as flawless execution came through in the clutch, making for something that you certainly need to lay your eyes on and see for yourself in order to believe.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to see the scene as an insane Australian stuntman puts it all on the line, launching from ramp to ramp and backflipping, nothing that is particularly outstanding, however, when you throw in the fact that there’s an airplane swooping down and flying underneath of the soaring rider, you can see where we were thoroughly impressed with this showing.

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Posted by UNILAD Tech on Thursday, November 8, 2018

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