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Insane Blown ’69 Ford Bronco!

ProStreet ’69 Ford Bronco!

Our friend’s at Nick’s Custom Detailing in Bedford, Texas got a chance to clean this monster up. When you picture a ’69 Ford Bronco, you think of a lifted SUV with 35″ Super Swampers all around. The owner of this ride took a different approach to the typical Bronco fad. ProStreet is a style that has been applied to numerous vehicles, including trucks, but this is the first time I have seen a Bronco like this.


The Ford Bronco has become an icon in the offroading industry and these models are getting more and more popular. Getting your hands on a clean one used to be easy, but not anymore. These and the FJ’s are going up in price all the time. This is a clean example of a Bronco, but instead of leaving the topper out back, they made it into a pickup truck, then tubbed it so much that the bed doesn’t exist anymore.

The engine is a blown 502 big-block Chevy with a pair of Demon 4-barrels on top. The owner says that it has a custom frame with full Total Cost Involved suspension. That explains the sick stance this thing has. It would be nice to see a monster Ford powerplant like a 460 or a Jon Kaase 540, but it is cool even with the 502. Check out this video Nick posted of this thing pulling out of the shop when they were done cleaning it!

Check out this Bronco pulling dirt wheelies!


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