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INSANE Camaro on Camaro VIOLENCE

INSANE Camaro on Camaro VIOLENCE

When it comes to drag racing, thrills and spills are all a part of the game as drivers push their cars to the limit in the name of doing better than the guy in the next lane.

In this video, we take a look at some throwback footage from Huntsville Dragway in which a Chevrolet Camaro duo goes at it and it doesn’t end so pretty.

In one lane, we have a blown Camaro and in the other a nitrous Camaro. When all is said and done, the two look like they’re about to become one.

Check out the video below as the old school Camaro’s throttle hangs open, causing him to wreck into his competitor. When the car finally stops, it’s right at the feet of the camera man on the big end!