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Most Insane Truck And Car Jumps To Date All In One Video!

Jumping cars is something every little boy dreams about. The first time we get our hands on some Hot Wheels, we spend hours setting up insane jumps over all kinds of obstacles, from Lincoln Logs to Legos, and of course, other Hot Wheels. I still remember gathering up every piece of plastic track I could get my hands on and building what I thought was an insane ramp that would literally send my Hot Wheels down the stairs and then several yards through the air, jumping all kinds of things in the process.

I outgrew that fascination, but clearly some boys never grow up, because there are countless videos of people jumping cars and trucks – and RV’s and buses – off of ramps and over rises in the road and whatever else they can find or built to propel themselves into the air. The results, as you might expect to vary from “smooth sailing” to “is he dead?” and are always entertaining, unless of course he actually IS dead, but we don’t think that’s the case for any of these drivers.

I’m not going to break down each jump, that would take all day when you can simply hit the play button below and watch them all in this minute and a half video compilation. I will tell you a couple of my favorites so you know which ones to look for while you watch.

My overall favorite has to be the big body car sailing gracefully above the roadway for what looks to be about 200 feet before landing smoothly and driving on down the road. You’ll see it at the 1:16 mark in this video, and if you’re anything like me, despite having seen it many times over the years, you’ll still watch it over and over because it is, in fact, spectacular to see and you really can’t appreciate it if you only watch it once.

There’s also what I’m certain is the hardest impact award winner, which can be found at the 0:46 mark. A white Chevy truck takes a flying leap directly into the side of a berm, folding the chassis where the bed meets the cab and stopping the truck dead in it’s tracks. That one looks like it could have seriously injured or even killed the driver for sure.

Which of these is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!


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