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INSANE High Speed Drag Race Wreck

INSANE High Speed Drag Race Wreck

We have to warn you, this is one intense wreck, so proceed with caution.

When this Mazda RX-8 driver launches, we can tell almost immediately that something just isn’t right. While he does a decent job of recovering from his near sideways launch, he didn’t recover all the way.

This allowed the back end of the car to sway ever so slightly as he rocketed down the track and the driver tried to hop back into the groove. When that slight sway turned into a bigger one, things quickly spiraled out of control.

What happened next was quite incredible. The RX-8 jumps across the center line and goes on to pit maneuver his opponent at a high speed as they both go flying out of control into a gigantic wreck. Maybe next time he will think twice before not lifting.