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INSANE Indoor Figure 8 ACTION – Now That Looks Fun!

INSANE Indoor Figure 8 ACTION – Now That Looks Fun!

There always seems to be an ongoing battle between folks that like racing in a straight line and those who prefer going around corners. To be frank, the arguing back and forth about which takes “more skill” is getting old.

Either way you slice it, we are going to willing to bet that neither one of these parties can master the type of race that we check out in this video.

Instead of going around corners like a regular road course race or trying to launch and get your best 60-foot time to get a good elapsed time in the quarter mile, this race type takes us in a figure 8, causing cars to collide in all types of confusion.

Check out the indoor figure 8 racing in the video below from Lebanon Missouri as these cars collide with one another all the way to the finish. The only thing that we can’t figure out is how the heck you’re supposed to determine the winner here!


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