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Insane Off-Road Truck Takes Whoops At Speed

We see all kinds of awesome videos here at Speed Society, many of which feature off-road trucks and buggies doing some crazy stuff. This video, however, is nothing really special, unless you’re into fully built off-road trucks driving beside the highway at highway speeds through the desert, jumping hills and taking bumps like an absolute champ. If that’s what you’re into, then you may find this video entertaining.

I wish I knew more about the truck itself, because it appears to be an early model pickup that’s been completely overhauled and built for legitimate offroad competition. It has big tires and some insane suspension travel, when you can see in all it’s glory as the truck soaks up bump after bump and takes jump after jump like it’s nothing, running at some pretty high speeds given the fact that it’s not on a road.

From a certain angle we get a good look at the truck’s grille and headlights, which appear to be from a late 60’s or early 70’s Chevrolet, but without the shell around the grille and the hood and fenders missing, it’s really hard to say for sure what model this truck started life as. Whether it be a classic Chevy or a late model chassis with some vintage accessories added to confuse those trying to determine an origin, this thing is way cool.

The truck not only looks awesome, but it sounds mean as well, with a throaty V8 rumble that tells anybody within earshot that this truck is not to be taken lightly, should they decide they want to line up beside it. If you’re going to build a truck for off-roading, though, you certainly want to have plenty of power on tap, so it makes sense that this thing sounds as good as it looks.

If anybody out there has any more information about this build, don’t hesitate to leave a comment and share what you know about it. I would love to know more about the build and what it began life as!