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Insane Police Chase Involving ATV’s And Dirtbikes Takes Over Neighborhoods

Insane Police Chase Involving ATV's And Dirtbikes Takes Over Neighborhoods

“Chaos” as defined by Google’s dictionary is “complete disorder and confusion.”

In the streets of what we’ve deduced to be Hollywood, Florida, there was nothing short of complete chaos in this undertaking. Videos from the riders showed the scene as the police were out in full force, attempting to detain the riders. As the video was posted without any sort of context, it’s hard to say why or when all of this went down. The footage that was posted shows a scene that looks like something straight out of a movie, though. The uploader even claims that the police ran into one of the bikers.

Dirtbikes and ATVs alike took to the streets in droves as Hollywood PD probably didn’t know which way to look. Furthermore, the captions to the video claim that there were several groups roaming in the streets that day.

Our best guess as to what was going on here was a part of a “Wheels up, guns down ride-out.”

It wasn’t explicitly stated that the video and the event were related. The stories published about the event seem to share many details with the clip posted by The Adrenaline Dealer on Facebook, though.

Essentially, it would seem as if the purpose was to get together to show a community against gun violence. Instead, they choose to focus their efforts on things with wheels. This is, without a doubt, a noble cause. However, riding in packs across the city on many vehicle that aren’t equipped for street use, probably isn’t the best plan.

Via the Sun Sentinel, we learn that “Broward sheriff’s deputies arrested 21 people and seized 24 ATVs and dirt bikes over the weekend, spokeswoman Joy Oglesby said. They also arrested 10 people on traffic violations and recovered two guns. Miami-Dade police said they had towed 33 ATVs and dirt bikes and seized four guns. They made 12 arrests but didn’t specify the type of charges faced by those taken into custody.”

The video below shows off what we believe to be footage from the day.

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