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INSANE Rally CRASH Nearly Hits Spectators

This rally driver comes mere inches from plowing over spectators.

After you lay your eyes on this video we have the feeling that you’ll have a whole new definition for the term “spectator sport.” While watching the Jolly Rally, some bystanders get the scare of their lifetime. When one of the racers comes out of a turn, a bit of understeer nearly causes catastrophe.

Near death experience for spectators at a rally

When the driver shoots the turn wide, his out of control vehicle literally comes within inches of making some human pancakes which leaves us to wonder why the spectators are hanging out there in the first place. It seems like quite the risky spot to be sitting.

At the end of the events, it looks as if everybody came out ok but we’re convinced that all parties involved have lost at least a few years off their life after this intensely acute stress. You have got to see this go down in the video below!

One wrong turn led this Subaru straight into the side of a house!

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