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INSANE Snowmobiles Jumping Jet Boats

INSANE Snowmobiles Jumping Jet Boats

In this video we check out a little behind the scenes footage of some insane snowmobile riding. We catch up with Todd Steele and Ryan Lucas as they undergo an icy stunt in jumping over a speedboat and into a freezing body of water with the goal of making it across and getting the ultimate shot.

Every time one of the snowmobiles hits water, we just imagine it stalling out half way across. Call us crazy, but we think we’re going to sit this one out for the time being. These guys definitely seem to be up to the icy cold challenge though. Just by looking at this video, we get a case of the chills.

Would you try to conquer such a jump?

This head turner looks like it wants to rip the dyno straight out of the ground!

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