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Insanely Clean Camaro Goes Nuts on the No Prep!

When it comes to the no prep scene, there are definitely some good looking and performing cars out there. However, on the other hand, we also see some machines that are a little bit beat up. After all, no prep is a type of racing that will put a car through the wringer. With the lack of traction out there on the drag strip, cars can definitely slide out and hit the wall now and then. Therefore, some participants err on the side caution. This means that they might run a car that isn’t too expensive to replace or maybe doesn’t look all that pretty.

This time, though, we dive into the no prep at Street Car Takeover in Indianapolis. This might be one of the cleanest no prep cars that we have seen. The Chevrolet Camaro goes by the name of Lil’ Elvis. Clad with a dark green color, this car could be mistaken for a showpiece but matches its intensity under the hood. It’s there that we find the turbocharged setup that really propels the machine down the strip in a hurry. That 400 cubic inch small block isn’t to be messed with!

We wouldn’t go so far as saying that the car is unbeatable. However, it isn’t something that’s going to be a push around, either. In this one, we watch as the machine goes up against a variety of formidable opponents and ends up taking home victory in a variety of cases.

By following along in the video below, we get to watch as the family heirloom goes to war between the walls. This thing is certainly packing a heavy punch and we can’t get enough! To learn more about the combo, be sure to tune into the BigKleib34 video below. Making magic on the strip is just the beginning of this amazing ride!