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Inside Qatar Airways’ $45 Million Private Jet

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on January 22, 2019

If you want to take twelve of your closest buddies anywhere in the world in the most luxurious way possible, I believe I’ve found your method of travel.

While it will cost you a ridiculous $45 million to buy the plane outright, you and your squad can certainly handle the $160,000 per-trip tab, if you pool your lunch money for a couple of decades. However, starving yourself just might be worth it if it means you get to take a flight aboard the Gulfstream G500, especially this totally fly, fully swanky Qutar Airways model.

Fitted with nothing but the most opulent furnishings, this G500 was built for no other purpose than to transport a baker’s dozen in the utmost comfort and sophistication. While this particular example uses a clean light grey motif, everything in the passenger area is fully customizable. The seats appear to be roomy and cushy, while a digital panel offers full articulation, while also controlling the temperature, lighting and even raising and lowering the window shade. If that isn’t convenient enough, the same things can be controlled on your personal phone.

In the cockpit, the pilots are greeted by panels of touchscreen controls, which are said to help reduce cockpit clutter by 70%, allowing the pilots to focus on the task at hand, which we have to assume is flying the plane as smoothly as possible. The pilot’s perspective is quite spectacular, as the cockpit does appear almost futuristic compared to most that I’ve seen.

Get to saving those pennies, boys and girls. If you manage to save enough to buy your own, I want you to tell us how you’re going to customize your G500 and truly make it yours. I’d personally have a silver exterior with black and purple accents, with mostly purple in the interior with silver and black accents. Maybe one day!



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