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Instead Of Getting Angry, Motorists in Near Miss Are Surprisingly Warmhearted

Sometimes, when you head out into the public roadways and get tangled up in a situation that you would rather not be in, people can tend to get irrationally angry. After all, we’ve all been there, in a situation where it seems like nobody on the road can seem to drive properly and you start to get the feeling that everyone is only looking out for themselves. Drivers’ tempers can flare and they can get incredibly angry at one another which can escalate to really bad physical confrontations quicker than they’d like to think!

This time, however, we check out a situation that did originally look like it was going to escalate to some pretty severe anger and maybe even physicality but instead took a turn in a better direction and ended with just about the opposite. As this motorcycle rider turned around a corner and went down a street with a motorist who was attempting to enter the street, it turns out that the motorist didn’t see the rider and they just about collided! Queue the anger, right?

The rider would pull over and hop off of his bike, walking over to the driver, and this is where we thought that things might begin to get heated. However, the woman who was behind the wheel, instead of projecting blame, seemed to be pretty upset and apologetic. However, the rider informed her that he wasn’t coming over to spill his anger out but instead to make sure that she was okay. It actually turned out that she was very close to the situation as she had to watch her husband fly off a bike at one point in time.

In short, this video shows you how exactly you should react when it comes time to deal with a close call in traffic and even goes so far as warming your heart a bit. Getting angry and taking it out physically isn’t going to help anybody. It’s videos like this that help you to slowly restore faith in humanity.


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