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Intake Manifold Cleaning And Carbon Removal Looks Fun

In the world of wrenching, there are many DIY methods to carry out a variety of different jobs. This time, we check out one man’s way of cleaning out a metal intake manifold and, let’s just say, that the results are rather interesting to watch unfold.

When carbon was all built up on this intake, it had to be working rather inefficiently and, as a result, the owner decided that it was time to clean it and clean it he did, but it was in a way that I can’t personally say that I’ve ever seen done before with my own two eyes.

Instead of soaking this bad boy down with an abrasive chemical, this guy got to work with a torch and some compressed air, lighting the carbon on fire and proceeding to spread the fire through the intake with the compressed air to burn off the remainder of the residue.

It seems like, in theory, that this method would work out pretty well and it most certainly provides quite a show to watch, but we would exercise extreme caution if you do decide to try this out for yourself. Have you ever cleaned an intake like this? How did it work out for you?