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Interview WIth Shawn Ellington and an in depth look at the New Murder Nova

On the short list of cars that do some big-time damage in terms of taking home victory on the streets, there is no way that you can count down the heaviest hitters without at least thinking of the name “Murder Nova.” This insane Chevrolet Nova has proven to be an absolute beast in the streets, taking whatever it wants, even though Shawn seems to have had some issues with it.

If you weren’t aware, recently at the PRI racing trade show, Shawn a.k.a. Murder Nova took the covers off of something that has been in the works for what he says is about a year and a half in the making so far and it’s due to replace the original Murder Nova with something that is an all around more efficient ride.

The original may have seemed like it was pretty consistent and dominant but as Shawn tells us, the car has had the brakes beaten off of it and it’s time for a fresh reboot. As any good racer would do, Shawn has been working on the product and trying his hardest to bring it closer to his vision which is what we see unfolding in front of our eyes here, at PRI.

Thanks to the people over at Power Automedia, we’re able to capture Shawn’s thoughts on video as he spills the beans on what to expect with the New Murder Nova, a car that promises to not only get down the track better due to its lighter, faster, and stronger construction that will make it an even heavier hitter but also to be safer so that should Shawn get tangled up in a bad scenario, he will have a much better chance at making it out without injury. That’s always the most important part.