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Introducing The World’s Fastest Bus And It Features A Jet Engine!

The innovation that has gone into making this jet powered school bus a success shows us that you can truly do anything if you put your mind to it! Even if your goal is taking a children transporter and send it to several hundred mph, keeping your eyes on the prize and having the patience and dedication to pick something up and try to make all of the moving pieces come together will eventually pay off if you play your cards right as the owner of this wicked bus managed to do when a well oiled plan all managed to come to a head.

This super bus that boasts a Phantom fighter jet engine claims to be the fastest in the world, reaching speeds of 367mph as it barrels down a runway! It looks almost awkward because normally, vehicles like this are designed to be as aerodynamic as possible but this one, well, yeah, it’s a bus if you haven’t noticed to this point yet. In addition, it will make any roadworthy vehicle that you’ll turn the key to look like a gas saver, as this bad boy burns 150 gallons of fuel in a quarter mile, throwing 80-foot flames along the way!

Check out the video below to see the monster in action along and learn more about this 42,000hp bus! All jokes aside, seeing all the pieces come together here is some serious inspiration for that project that you might have lurking out in the garage because there’s no way that it’s this far off of the beaten path!

Be sure to buckle up because this bus isn’t stopping for any railroad crossings and I don’t think that speed limits are really going to be observed, either. They surely didn’t make them like this when we rode the bus to school!

The World's Fastest Jet-Powered Bus

Breathing fire and hitting speeds of 367mph, no kid would ever be late taking this JET-POWERED bus to school! The monster machine dubbed 'School Time' is fitted with a 42,000hp fighter-jet engine that can propel it a quarter of a mile in a matter of seconds

Posted by Ridiculous Rides on Wednesday, January 2, 2019


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