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INVERTED Airplane Tail Grab From A SPEEDING Motorcycle!

Airplane Tail Grab From A SPEEDING Motorcycle!

In the world of stunt riding, the more daring the rider, the more appealing the stunt is. That aspect of looming danger makes it all that much more attractive.

This time, the rider in question risks life and limb to pull of a show for the cameras when he reaches out and grabs the tail fin of a lot flying stunt plane. Oh… did we mention that the airplane is flying upside down?

One false move and he could be airplane road kill. Check out the video of the stunt below as the craziness unfolds in front of our eyes. This “inverted tail grab” is almost too crazy to watch!

Imagine this stunt except while doing a wheelie on a big boy bike. 12 o’clock, baby!

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 2.30.14 AM


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