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Irritated Driver Gets Blocked in, Finds Owner and Confronts Them

When it comes to parking in the city, well, if you ask most people, for lack of a better term, it downright sucks. There’s just something about cramming millions of people into a small place that just doesn’t always work, especially when you throw automobiles in the mix make things even more confusing. It’s these kinds of scenarios that unfold and make tempers flare and people get into arguments with one another that sometimes can end poorly. Most of the time, when it comes to parking, the arguments are started either by a lack of empathy for one another or some people just being morons.

This time, we take a ride out to Seattle to check out an interesting scenario where someone was double parked and just so happened the block another person in. Why you would choose to park like that is beyond me and I think it really takes a special kind of person to be that inconsiderate but, apparently, this driver thought that was alright. As we see in the video here, we see the outcome as somehow, the guy who got blocked in managed to locate the driver and instead of immediately calling the tow truck to get vehicle towed away decided to confront her.

It’s all documented below as a confrontation ensues and the come up with a way to fix the dilemma. If people would just kept an eye out for one another, scenarios like this would never happen but, in this one, we watch as two people face off in this parking war. As the video uploader says, it doesn’t really seem like the woman who did the double parking job wanted to be filmed and personally, if I did something like that, which I wouldn’t, I can’t say that I really blame her.