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Is it Reasonable To Try To Daily Drive A Viper?

When it comes to cars that dreams are made of, there are definitely a lot out there that can make your eyes sparkle. One of the fan favorites has always been the Dodge Viper and with one look at the car, you can really tell why. In the sense of what the vehicle was built for, it really has a ton to offer and might even be one of the best. However, sometimes, when you take these kinds of cars and stretch out their purpose, taking them beyond what it was that they were designed to do, well, they might not excel as well as they do within their very own role. After all, you wouldn’t use something like a Ferrari as a tow truck, right?

This time, we get the opportunity to take a ride in a vehicle that belongs to the guy who reviews vehicles for a living in Doug DeMuro. In terms of this personal choice in cars, it seems like Doug has picked out a nice Dodge Viper to get him around town. However, as car reviewers do, he questions everything about this car. This time, we get to dig into how Doug thinks something like a Dodge Viper would perform as a daily driver. On the surface, if you know anything about these cars, it would seem like the vehicle doesn’t have much merit in that category, however, let’s dig down deeper into it to see what the car has to offer.

Now, regardless of how this car performs in a test like this, I think that we’ll all retain our love for the Viper, however, it’s still interesting to see how the car does as it’s put to the test in a variety of different situations that not too many people would’ve probably seen coming in a Dodge Viper review video. After seeing how the Viper ends up getting around town, be sure to tell us what you think of how the car performs in this real world torture test.