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Is Paul Teutul Sr. Bankrupt? Net Worth and American Chopper New Season

In their prime, the crew of American Chopper was really at the top of the mountain. As they started to come into their own right at the point in time where reality television started to become popular, they were slightly ahead of the curve, really tapping into a new phenomenon just before it was about to take off and putting themselves in a position to succeed. However, that success didn’t necessarily come without its fair share of the drama and a whole bunch of situations that we are sure made people involved with the show what to tear their hair out.

It’s not clear if the show did well because of these things or in spite of them but in any situation, it really seems to be something that fans continue to go back to as they keep tabs on the members of the show who make their way through life with cameras following not too far behind. For some reason or another, when the name “American Chopper” is brought up, there always seems to be some sort of conversation about money and who may or may not be going bankrupt. As of now, it seems like there’s some solid evidence that could push the story off of the rails.

If you follow along in the video below, you’ll learn a little bit more about the bankruptcy rumors surrounding Paul Teutul Sr. along with what he’s been up to these days and exactly how he’s been managing with the show coming back to the air. I’m not sure if this is necessarily a rumor or story that you would want floating around with your name attached to it but with the timing so close to the the release of the show, I’d be inclined to think that something like this definitely wouldn’t hurt the ratings.