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Is Premium Gas Really Just A Big Waste Of Money?

Even in a day and age where information is so readily available, marketing experts are still thriving when it comes to getting people to spend money. Just because the information is there doesn’t mean that we’re going to stop and look every last thing up, even if it could end up saving us money. When we think of it that way, it would be downright exhausting to double-check every single claim that is made by somebody in the marketing department of a product we’re interested in.

One claim that might be worth looking into, though, is how exactly premium gasoline impacts a vehicle. Contrary to what the marketing department might tell you, it’s not always necessary to spend more money on premium gas, not even if they make up a fancy name for it. In fact, in the majority of vehicles, the difference really isn’t going to make much of an impact at all. Therefore, it stands to reason that many Americans are wasting money every time that they fill up by going with the higher octane option.

So, what does it all really amount to? In this one, CNBC takes the time to break it down, digging into what exactly the difference even is between premium and regular gas, as it applies to how we all fill up at the pump. Naturally, in certain high-performance applications, filling up with 87 octane is definitely going to act as a restriction. However, as high-performance applications are a very small portion of the automotive world, it seems like we’re the outliers here.

By following along with the video below, we get the complete rundown on exactly what’s going into our cars when we pull up to the fuel pump. This video might just be the one that saves hundreds of dollars for a lot of folks, if not more when it comes to the rest of their life at the fuel pump… That is if everything doesn’t convert to electric before long anyway.

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