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Is Spending $815 on a Battery Powered Chain Saw Worth It? Let’s Find Out!

These days, due to a variety of different factors, we have a variety of different choices in many retail categories. With different tools like chainsaws, heading to the store to buy one might require a little bit of research. Unless you’re the type to just pick something and run with it or stick with a specific brand, research can really help get the best deal possible. It can also help buyers to avoid wasting their money on junk.

There are cases where going with name brands is the way to go. With this concept, it really pays to pay. Some of these higher-end units can end up packing more of a punch than their low-price counterparts. However, sometimes, the exact inverse is true. At some point, though, we would think that there would be diminishing returns on spending but maybe not.

This time, we tune in to see just how much somebody could spend on a battery-powered chainsaw. In this particular video, we actually get to see the likes of an $815 chainsaw going up against a $159 unit. This video is a continuation of the first battery-powered chainsaw throw down from the Project Farm YouTube channel.

Can the Dewalt unit from the first video stand up to a variety of other competitors? For those in the market for a battery-powered chainsaw, this could be one way to help you get to the bottom of the massive amount of options available and help to determine if spending all that extra money is really worth it.

We should consider ourselves fortunate to have all of these options. However, with all of that power comes more responsibility. Luckily, Project Farm and other channels like it have taken it upon themselves to do the research and this time, we’re about to get schooled yet again in the art of the battery-powered chainsaw.


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