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Is the Chevy Colorado ZH2 the NEW Humvee?

For years, the armed forces have used the Humvee for all of their transportation needs. It might be a heavy load, but it is definitely proven to be versatile in the battlefield, providing a mobile safe haven for troops as they get from place to place with a massive shell around them that also provides enough room for maximum storage capacity, giving them the ability to load these things up with all sorts of different supplies. In other words, it might be a brute of a truck, but it’s about the ultimate utility vehicle that you could ever ask for. Well, that was, until now… Maybe.

In this one, we explore a $4 million prototype vehicle in the Chevrolet Colorado ZH2. The truck that is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell is now being looked at as the possible replacement for the Humvee. The newer machine really looks to take on a lot of the aspects that made the Humvee a little bit cruder and refined them just a bit. This is certainly an area that is always being improved and it’s important to take a look at to see exactly what can be built upon to make those risking their lives out there a lot safer in the process. Upgrading vehicles could also make what they’re doing a lot more efficient as well.

Check out the video down below as TFL Truck takes on the task of looking at what could possibly be the next military vehicle of choice. Do you think that the Colorado ZH2 could possibly live up to the reputation that the Humvee has garnered? After checking out the vehicle below that tells us all about what this machine has to offer, tell us what you think would be the optimal replacement for the Humvee or if you think that a similar vehicle should stay in place.

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