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Is This a Beat up Old Pickup Truck or a Boosted Beast?

One of the best parts of wrenching on a vehicle is that you can pick whatever it is that you like and make it do whatever you want as far as function goes. For example, this time we watch as a truck, whose original creators probably never intended for it to go fast, rips its way down the drag strip with the best of them.

This time, the BigKleib34 cameras follow the action to Bowling Green, KY for LS Fest as this old school Chevrolet Silverado brings boost into the equation along with an appropriate LS swap to bring the technology up to date. The results are something that you don’t want to miss!

We tune in as this hoodless wonder spools up and pushes its way down the track to a couple of 10-second passes. For a brute that probably isn’t the lightest thing in the world, that’s rolling! This thing has to turn some heads every time that it touches tire to racing surface.

Sit trackside down in the video below to watch as the truck rockets to the top end in a blaze of boost that will put you back in your seat! We can practically feel the g’s from here.