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It is official – Ford Ranger and Ford Bronco are making a huge comeback

Back in the day, the likes of the Ford Ranger and Ford Bronco were staples of the Ford product line. We would see plenty of the SUVs and mini trucks running around in the streets.

However, as time would go on and consumer needs would change in addition to Ford upper management directive shifts, the two would eventually fall their way out of production, never to be heard from again after 2012 and 1996, respectively… until today.

Road and Track brought the news to our attention through a little tidbit that managed to find its way out through the presidential debate, of all places.

“Last year, a proposed contract between the United Auto Workers (UAW) and Ford hinted that the automaker would introduce brand-new versions of the Bronco 4×4 and Ranger pickup truck. When Donald Trump seized on Ford’s decision to move small car production to Mexico during a Presidential debate, the UAW countered with some fact-checking—and in the process, confirmed the return of the Bronco and Ranger.” – Road and Track

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While Trump’s accusations of Ford cutting US jobs weren’t exactly on the money, the Focus and C-Max production will soon be shifted to Mexico, at which point the production of the Bronco and Ranger will resume in their Detroit production plants with no jobs lost.

With all kinds of renderings, both fan produced and Ford produced alike, promising a new Bronco, it’s pretty exciting that the SUV will finally be making a return to the streets here in the states along with the Ranger.


Now that we know that it’s only a matter of time, the only thing left to be seen is how they’re going to be constructing the machines and what exactly they’ll look like. It’s always exciting to see a model come back and how the company handles modernizing it for the current world that we live in.

With both of these markets coming around full swing and gas prices hovering pretty low, Ford picked a pretty solid time to roll these babies back into production. Word has it that we will start seeing them on dealership lots come the year of 2020 which is a lot closer than you may think!