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Someone Stuffed a Massive Twin Turbo 6.0 Powerstroke in a Honda Civic

We have to preface this one by saying the video might be a little bit old but when you see its contents, I think you’ll agree that it’s more than worth the watch! Normally, when somebody beefs up their Honda Civic, they stick with the brand under the hood, slapping another Honda engine in the engine bay but this time, some custom modifications were undergone to give this Civic a heart transplant like no other.

Let’s just say that it doesn’t retain its original four-cylinder engine and doesn’t even step it up to a six. Instead, this thing goes complete overkill that might just have you wondering exactly how they carried out such an engine swap in the first place.

When we catch up with this Honda, we find out that whoever was behind this thing managed to slap a 6L Powerstroke engine in the car, giving it that good old diesel torque as combined with the weightlessness that the platform that has to begin with. In this video, we only get to see the car idling around the shop, but would venture to think that with all that power, this thing probably rolls out! A truck fitted with a diesel engine is usually a lot of fun to drive so we would imagine that something this light would bump the fun factor up even more!

Follow along down in the video below that takes you on the scene to see exactly what a car like this looks like with the heart of a diesel and the body of a commuter car. If this isn’t the wildest Honda Civic swap and I’m not sure what it is. If you’ve ever seen a similar car with an even more impressive engine, be sure to tell us about it and all about what you think of this diesel powered monster!