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Jackie Stewart Tests the P34 Tyrrell 6 Wheeler Racecar!

Normally, you can expect race cars of pretty much any shape or form to have four wheels and four wheels only. While this is the way that things have been, every industry has to move forward and innovate to keep itself great and this time, we check out another innovation that was fun to watch but didn’t quite catch on.

It’s nothing short of a great time to watch as the P34 Tyrrell 6-wheel race car hits the track, having two wheels to power the car and four wheels to steer the car.This time, we’re able to hop on board and see exactly how that journey goes as now former professional British F1 driver, Jackie Stewart, gets behind the wheel and has at it.

When we first watch the video, we noted that it seemed kind of awkward as the car blasted around the track and those bulky sets of wheels were put into motion, attempting to guide the car in an untraditional way. However, when Jackie finishes and gives us his stance with the car, he notes that it doesn’t feel too clunky to drive to him and that he definitely thinks that this kind of car could have a place in racing.

Check out the video down below to see exactly how all of this works and grab Jackie’s opinions on how he thought the machine reacted to a toned down style of driving from what he’s used to. While the six-wheeled machine did look quite cool, drawing attention for the sponsors, it didn’t really have much luck catching on in mainstream racing with any sort of longevity, but it did have stints here and there all the way up through the early 2000s from its original days in the 1970s.