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Jaguar F-Type Tests 1000mph Bloodhound SSC Parachute

Jaguar F-Type Tests 1000mph Bloodhound SSC Parachute

Going after the overall land speed record is serious business. With speeds that are expected to reach 1000mph, there is very little room for error.

In order to ensure that everything works properly, obviously an extensive amount of research and development has to go into making the absolute perfect product.

Today, we join the guys at Jaguar as they iron out one of the many steps that go into making sure that nothing negative goes down on record day in terms of stopping.

When brakes simply won’t do, parachutes are used to slow the roll of the fastest car in the world. Check out the video below as the Jaguar F-Type R Coupe is used at speeds of 186mph to test out the parachute deployment technology that will be used on the Bloodhound SSC.

Watch as this close call ends with a parachute pull.

Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 1.28.55 AM


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