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James Goad Tests the Reaper and The Right Lane Bursts into Flames.

At Lights Out 8, the biggest radial race on the planet, Street Outlaws star James Goad bolted some small tires onto his Reaper Camaro and jumped into Radial vs the World, the premier class in all of radial racing. Despite it being his first time ever competing on on radials, The Reaper certainly impressed, qualifying in the top half of the field after laying down a stellar 3.91 pass. He would lose in the first round on a hole shot, but everybody there who was paying attention certainly knows James showed up and showed out.

In pre-race testing, James lined up with Texas native Steven Fereday and his wicked twin turbo Camaro, both Midwest runners looking to gather data to refine their tunes for qualifying. Both cars left hard and appeared to be on good runs when Fereday’s fourth gen drove into a bit of a wheel stand. Steven pedaled the throttle to bring the nose back down and when he did, the front hit the track hard. I can’t remember what exactly broke on Fereday’s car, but something did rupture on impact, spraying the engine with fuel that immediately burst into flames.

Fereday fought to keep the car in his lane until he was able to get it stopped, then began the excruciatingly slow process of getting himself out of the car. With a five point harness and a HANS system, quick egress isn’t always easy, and with the car beginning to burn much more intensely by the second, there are a sense few moments before Steven finally leaps from the inferno to safety. Fereday would escaped the incident with no major injuries, thankfully, a testament to the full complement of safety gear that he wears as well as the onboard equipment in his car. This incident could have certainly gone worse.