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James Harden Gives us the Tour of his Favorite Rides

When it comes to the NBA, there aren’t too many names bigger than James Harden. After his departure from the Oklahoma City Thunder back in 2012 to the Houston Rockets, he’s quickly become one of the league’s most prominent players. In fact, he hasn’t missed a single NBA all-star game since 2012.  He’s even managed to rack up the honor of League MVP. With all of that comes just a little bit of money to spend. In fact, Harden managed to rack up a record $228m contract with the Rockets. It would be the league’s biggest contract by a $30m margin. That doesn’t even consider all the money created by his own personal line with Adidas.

With all of that money, what does Harden spend it on? Well, we’re sure that he has plenty of different adventures to fund. It seems as if one category that he hasn’t left out of the equation is his vehicles. When it comes to that, Harden has a wide variety for just about every occasion. If he’s feeling like he needs a workhorse, perhaps the Range Rover will do. If it’s time for a night out on the town, his Rolls-Royce Wraith will allow Harden to roll in style. It seems like one of his biggest automotive difficulties might be picking out the right car.

By following along in the video below, we get a more complete picture of exactly what we might find the NBA superstar rolling around in. He even gives us a quick glimpse into his wardrobe as well. This guy really knows how to spend some money. Who knows? If he can help push his Rockets to the NBA finals this year, he might even be looking to add a little bit more spice to that car collection. You never know what’s coming next!